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UX / UI / Developer / Creative Leader

Shane Ward

Principal UX Designer

I am a seasoned UX professional, creative director, designer, and thought leader. I currently lead the UX initiative of Sabre Black, an incubator for new products in our Travel Network business. I utilize design strategy and lean startup principles in my creative process to create beautiful and usable user-centered designs. I have a passion for people. From designing amazing experiences for them to building awesome teams to work with, people are awesome.

TOOLS: Adobe CC, Sketch, Principal, InVision Studio, Adobe XD, Flinto, Omnigraffle, Keynote, Axure, InVision, Balsamiq,, Visio, Google Analytics, Jira/Confluence/Rally, and Microsoft Office

CODE: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, XML, and PHP

SPECIALTIES: User Experience (UX), Information Architecture, UI Design, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Creative Direction, UX Management and Direction, Accessibility (code and graphics), and Front End Development

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My Thoughts

My Thoughts on Design Thinking

Recently I tried something new with my team in our design strategy sessions. We were running a “How might we…” session and it got me thinking about the phrase. While that statement is very powerful to get creatives thinking, I found if we change that statement slightly we get slightly different results. We had been […]

My Thoughts on Recruiting

Over the course of my career I have had the opportunity to build several teams. I have come up with a method that works well for me when choosing the right candidates. It all comes down to three main areas that I focus on in the interviewing process. Those areas are character, skills, and background. […]

My Thoughts on Creative Direction

If you were to ask me what my leadership style was, I’d have to say I am curious. When a difference in opinion arises, I default to questions rather than asserting my point of view. I’ve found this to be quite valuable in my creative direction. When I ask an individual or my team why […]

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